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From: "Lowe DNA" <>
Subject: Ethnoancestry Offers YSTR18 Haplotype Test
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 10:10:15 -0600
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"...What a sneaky way to advertise a service or product that requires
payment for services rendered. I bring your attention to the subject line
above. At what point is a peddler required to set up his/her own websites
for advertising, pricing and in general, peddling items, instead of using a
public domain? I thought that would be an an eBAY thing?

WEBMASTER: Would you explain at what point you draw the line for
advertising products on this website, aside from not allowing prices quotes?


Many of here have been here since the start of "genetic testing" with
several small companies that have grown with our "disposable dollars" and
our keen interest in genealogy. All of do trade test information and costs
back and forth here as a means of obtaining the best prices, services, and
number of markers or mtDNA tested. These exchanges also help newbies
here find out where the best deals are..

We discuss many companies. I am personally interested in both FTDNA and EA
who have been the fore runners in bringing us new products, services, and
their CEO's communicate with us directly about our concerns and problems.
Other companies appear to do the same.

Another take on this if enough of us know about a new test and agreed to be
tested, the prices will eventually come down to for that particular test,
the company can obtain new testing resources, and new tests will be rolled

FTDNA has a $30 coupon rebate this month...If you have not been tested, now
is a good chance to do so or give a socking stuffer to a cousin.


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