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From: charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] New R1b and its subclades Haplogroup Project Launched
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 19:00:44 -0500
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Bob, I've used eleven labs and organizations over the last five years.
You don't need to tell me who is cheaper, etc. I know the pros and cons
of using all of them and price is not the only measure of value. See my
labmerge page for which labs I've used at various times:

I have various DNA tests on order at this time with four different labs.

But then good old Bob, you were really not talking to me anyway, were
you. Even though you addressed you message to me. You weren't really
talking to me. You're really targeting the other readers with your
constant ... use anyone else for a lab but FTDNA arguments. That is how
I see you and your mission.

If you want to convince me to not use FTDNA as a testing company contact
me privately. Your constant everybody is better or cheaper than FTDNA is
getting a little bit trite. Go gnaw on your anti-FTDNA bone with someone
else. ;-)

Charles Kerchner

Robert Stafford wrote:
> Charles,
> There is little reason for anyone to buy FTDNA's R subclade test.. For only $16-20 more, people can buy the multiplex at DNAHeritage or Ethnoancestry and get the subclades resolved according to the phylogenetic trees. Of course, Ethnoancestry's other markers are an additional factor.
> Some of the other subgroups are much better, especially since they guarantee their precdiction.
> Bob Stafford
> charles <> wrote: Gareth:
> Sorry guy. But its getting close to Christmas and I really don't feel
> like chewing and nitpicking on the old FTDNA company and its services
> "bone" here again ... like so many seem to want to do from time to time.

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