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Subject: Re: [DNA] New R1b and its subclades Haplogroup Project Launched
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 23:03:02 EST


Actually what he said was that the testing path for R1b1c* at FTDNA was the
same as the multiplex, but less expensive, and without all the extraneous
markers. He also said the testing doesn't go any deeper, but neither does anyone
else unless you want to pay $200.

He was describing a product and company he was happy with. He was not, as
you said, pointing out the markers FTDNA did not test for nor whether the test
was worthwhile.

Bill D

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I don't think you followed everything. This had to do with the subclades
tested. FTDNA does not test the rare markers. However, James Carr brought up
the point that was missing. It really depends on whether they are worthwhile

Bob Stafford

Finding the info on their test is interesting. You go thru the haplogroup
tag on your personal page. The deep clad path for R1b1c* is the same as the
marlingen I got without the extraneous markers and costs less.( $75 ) They won't
get you deeper than that at the moment. But neither will anyone else unless
you want to spring for around $200. And their turn around time has been darn
good lately.

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