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Subject: RE: [DNA] R2 - M124
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 18:26:28 +1300
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Thanks Dienekes

for both reference and pdf

John McEwan

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Subject: Re: [DNA] R2 - M124

On 12/21/05, John McEwan <> wrote:
> David and List
> R2 interests me, but I am probably asking a question rather than
> any facts. R2 is present at low frequencies in Turkey (relatively
> spread) in some cases near Lebanon and northern Syria (Cinnioglu
> Given the distance to the centre of the middle east and the age of the
> haplotype is it a surprise?

Nasidze reports a frequency of P1-M124 (which is a different name for
R2) of 8% and 44% in two Kurdish groups.


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