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From: Rebekah Canada <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] What DNA testing can and cannot tell you
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 12:05:07 -0600
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And least we forget even for a moment... the more people you can
convince that testing was the best thing you ever did the better your
chances for a match. DNA testing the pyramid scheme of genealogy. LOL
But really I am loving it.:-)

Close relative to a probable I1a... Without exact matches of course.;-)

Eric Olson wrote:

> James,
> Welcome to our world - of frustration at finding no matches. But look
> at the larger picture. You are a "victim" of a brilliant plan to
> generate DNA linked genealogical and geographical data, funded by a
> public led to believe that paying for these tests would lead them to
> discovering ancestors, but was really to provide a rich vein of data
> for scientists interested in population genetics to mine. And of
> course those seeking to confirm their family trees already known.
> Genealogy is currently America's most popular hobby, and so a
> potentially large market for DNA testing already existed, ripe for
> harvesting, for this "best thing to happen to genealogy since the
> family tree". Was this pure hype? Probably not, because at some day
> in the remote future you or your descendants may discover your
> surnamed ancestors in the databases. Be content that you have been
> able to contribute to science with your dollars and data, and let it
> go at that. But stay tuned...
> Eric

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