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From: jane gilbert <>
Subject: Haplogroup I1c and marker CDY b = 43
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 11:35:28 -0500

Hi All,

I just a cousin tested from one of my lines, and his results came back
yesterday. His predicted Haplogroup was I, and I decided to order
the Deep Clade test right away to get more information. In the
meantime, I used the following Haplogroup Prediction tool to see what
it had to say:

As I was typing in the 37 markers, the haplogroup was coming up as
being pretty solidly I1c until I typed in the value for marker CDY b
which was 43. As soon as I put in that value, all the values on the
"fit scale" became dashes except G which went to 17. If I don't
assign the value for marker CDY b at all, my "fit value" for I1c is
77. If I do assign it, it becomes a "-."

So I have a couple of questions....

First, can anyone shed light on why the predictor tool does this on
that one value? Can the value of one marker preclude membership in a

Secondly, after using the tool and seeing the I1c values, was
wondering what impact that might have on the Deep Clade test if FTDNA
doesn't list that tests an I1c SNP?

Note I really don't understand this SNP stuff at all, so I'm sorry if
these are are stupid questions. : )



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