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From: Whitney Keen <>
Subject: Geography, DNA, and surname
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2006 12:31:35 -0500

David Weston wrote:

" I am interested to hear the experience (lessons learned),
stories, etc. of list members on the topic of using YDNA comparison to
establish the geographic origins of a given surname. Though I am new to
this list, I am well enough informed on genetic genealogy terms, tools,
lingo and such, so I am not after advice in that regard. ..."

David and others;
The Whitney Surname project is also trying to tie together the Whitney
family, that appears to be geographically originating in and around the
town of whitney-on-Wye on the Welsh/English border. Conventional
genealogy has tied one line to a John Whitney of Isleworth, Westminster
Parish (London) England who emigrated to Watertown Mass on the
"Elizabeth and Ann" in 1635. He was the son of Thomas Whitney who was
md. in St. Margaret's parish, Westminster and may have been born in
Castleton, son of Robert who lived in Castleton, who was the son of
James of Whitney-on-Wye. These towns are all located quite close
together in Herefordshire and Wales. Other Whitneys lived at Clifford
and Clyro, also nearby. The paper trail is still somewhat speculative
until Thomas, who apparently went to London. The YDNA for descendants of
John on paper all match at 12 markers, and the few who have expanded the
YDNA testing match closely even at 37 markers. I would say that the
YDNA supports the paper trail for John descendants but we have no YDNA
from descendants of Thomas other than John, or od other descendants of
Robert or James.

However, we have another branch, descendants of Henry, also an immigrant
in the early 1600s but, based on YDNA, not related to John. The Henry
descendants match each other closely at 25 markers, but we have not yet
found the link to England on paper or by DNA, although a link to
somewhere in England is probable. If there is a link to the John
Whitney line, it is really ancient and probably back in the middle ages
in England or before. I have no old world geographical link to that line.

We have only two English participants in the YDNA project, one a
possible relation to John with 4 mutations at 37 markers (remember that
the divergence happened 370 years ago which could account for some
mutations) and one who appears to be too different from either the John
or Henry profile to be closely related. I would love to have some other
Whitneys from England, or from anywhere but descended from any Whitneys,
but so far none have been identified or shown any interest.

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