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Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: DNA Question
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 21:57:37 EST


"Since your three-year search of the archives failed to uncover any attacks
on FTDNA, we can say "case closed" on your earlier assertions."

Nope. Didn't need to do any searching. I remembered it happened shortly
after I joined the list. I went directly to the correct month. I do not intend to
waste my time skimming through your posts. They are in the archives for
everyone to view. Besides, you would only claim it is not an attack (your words,
not mine) but just an honest effort to keep the newbies informed.

"I will also make the statement that neither I nor any member of my family
have ever received compensation from RG, its affiliates or any other testing
firm. Nor have I ever discussed any post on the list with anyone employed by
any of them."

Thank you. We have been waiting three years for you to clarify that. RG is
probably relieved too.

Can you and the other attack dogs make the same statement about FTDNA?

I don't know what "attack dogs" you are speaking off. However, I can assure
you I am not in anyway affiliated with FTDNA. I do use their testing services.
I believe you use RG's services. I contact Bennett, Max, Julie, or others
at FTDNA on project related business as I imagine the majority of FTDNA
project administrators do. I have also been in contact with David at EA, and Thomas
at DNA-FP. This does not mean we are plotting against you.

Bill D

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