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From: "Glen Todd" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Genealogy Paper Trails vs. Y-DNA Testing
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 09:47:08 -0700
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Wandering off topic, but;

> product can be filled with errors. Most so called online
> genealogists don't even bother to source their work at all
> in files at,,
>, even. Many of them
> copy from others and then "throw in" some of their ideas
> as to what else should be added or shown with absolutely
> NO documentation. These files should ONLY be viewed as a
> possible source of someone's line.. just an idea..
> absolutely DON NOT accept them as factual and many are
> absolutely FULL of errors of a number of types.

This is true. Probably 90% of my 'paper genealogy' time at this point is
spent going through records that I already have, cross-checking against
primary sources (mostly vital records), and filling in reference fields in
my database. A couple of times I've had to straighten things out where a
couple of lines have gotten twisted, such as two individuals with the same
name. I include this in my comments. Unless a record on the internet
a) has a documented primary source, and b) I can find that primary source
and look at it, I tend to regard it as at best a hint as to where to look

This still doesn't address the problem of NPEs of various sorts; in the Todd
surname project I have come across at least two purported descendants of
Robert Todd (immigrant ancestor of Mary Todd Lincoln) who were obviously
nothing of the sort.


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