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From: "Leo W. Little" <>
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 04:42:32 -0800 (PST)

Dear List,

I've been playing with a freeware program called STRUCTURE for R1b analysis. I'm not far enough along in my analysis to share results, but others on the list may have more time (and knowledge of statistics) to leapfrog my initial efforts.

See to download it, and for documentation.

The program works fine with Y-DNA results, but does not allow for marker weighting (and has a few other quirks). It does, however, allow flagging of "missing data" for inputting haplotypes with a mixed number of markers (e.g. 12, 25, and 37).

The program looks for structure (duh!) in a dataset. The user inputs the probable number of populations, and the program classifies haplotypes based on probabilities of belonging to those populations.

It's pretty easy to cut and paste the output into Excel and format, sort, chart, etc..

Does anyone on the list have experience using STRUCTURE and could provide hints on some of it's advanced features?

I'm also looking for a freeware program that does Principal Components Analysis and can produce PC-plots. There are add-ons for this type of analysis for Excel, but I've yet to get them to work with my operating system and version Excel.

Best Regards, Leo

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