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From: Jon Spence <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Genealogy-DNA-L should be Ethnoancestry-DNA-L
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 17:10:02 -0800 (PST)
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You missed the point, wake up and smell the coffee!!

Fran Akridge <> wrote: Well said. And I agree.

Fran Goode Akridge

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From: Roberta J. Estes [mailto:]
Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2006 4:40 PM
Subject: RE: [DNA] Genealogy-DNA-L should be Ethnoancestry-DNA-L

I have to weigh in here. This is absurd.

Us old timers all know that companies are allowed a one time product
announcement and always have been allowed that courtesy on this list. Some
take advantage of it and some don't. We have always on this list discussed
prices and compared products, sometimes in a relatively heated fashion. And
yes, sometimes David gets carried away (he's not alone) and the list admin
takes care of those issues with all posters.

David responded to OUR requests and needs by creating his company and
offering us exactly what we asked for. His company developed tests
specifically at the request of some posters to solve problems they had. Now
that he did what we all asked of him, he is to be banished for announcing
the new products that he is bringing out almost weekly? Why? How does this
benefit us?

Why would we want to banish someone who contributes at this level to another
list? I for one already have to monitor too many lists. I was not in favor
of splitting the list before into newbie, anthro and this list - and I most
certainly am not in favor or another list or renaming this one, although I'm
sure that suggestion was only to make a point. The newbies still come here
and are helped and the anthro posts are often double posted, so what was the
point of all that.

People can ignore EA's posts if they want to, but to do so means you're
missing many many good discussions and information about SNP testing. Where
will you learn about this otherwise? Where else will you find
leading/bleeding edge information in this fast moving field? Now thanks to
you folks, none of us will get to have this information. Why should we be
deprived because of your biases?

I guess it doesn't matter anymore, because David had already unsubscribed,
resubscribed for his one allowed announcement that he made, and unsubscribed
again. So now none of us are benefiting from his insight and experience -
well thanks a lot folks - well done. Given the nastiness about the products
he is announcing, I don't blame him for withdrawing from the list. Not one
of the people who is complaining about David's posts has even begun to
contribute to the level he has for so many years.

I don't always agree with David, nor anyone else on the list for that
matter. But I surely do appreciate all of the positive contributions made
by folks on the list, and David is most assuredly is one of those, along
with other business owners and nonowners alike. And by the way, before
anyone asks, I use several testing companys, and I'm getting ready to order
tests from EA but haven't yet, so this isn't about any particular "company
loyalty". It's about common sense.

If the naysayers among us manage to kill this list, hollow it out and make
it what they want by complaining to rootsweb staff (who already allows the
removal of DNA messages from message boards), all that will happen is that
it will be a setback for DNA testing, a pain in the toosh for the rest of
us, and someone will move this list to Yahoo or elsewhere where the rules
reflect the 21th century.

Roberta Estes

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