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From: "John McEwan" <>
Subject: R1b SNP page updated
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 23:59:03 +1300
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Dear List

I have just finished updating the R1b SNP page.

Thanks to all those who supplied data and provided tips about where data
was, some of these results have already been mentioned on the list.


Whats new?
1) We have another SRY2627/M167+ again from England. This means the
frequency has now climbed to 3/60 overall and 3/14 from those whose
origins are known to come from England. Rather higher than many previous
research reports for UK and Ireland. Hmmm. About the only speculation I
will make is that no R1b Irish, Scots, or Frisian clusters have been
positive for this SNP to date.
2) We have another example of a 464x cc
3) We have an example of a 464x ccgg in an S21, S26 positive individual.
This definitively means there must have been separate RecLOH events in
R1b as this pattern now forms subgroups in both S21- and S21+

As usual, mistakes errors and omissions please e-mail me with


John McEwan

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