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Subject: Re: [DNA] Scientific Reputation
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 11:13:26 -0200
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No matter what or who the results achieved by whoever and whatever, the true test will always be the results that stand up with time.

Big company, big names, little companies with little names.

It is what that is achieved that stands up that will be remembered and used as time progresses.

The real people are those scientist who do the work right and prove what they have done is right.

Time is a great leveler of all things.

Advertisements are for those who don't understand where the meat is in the sandwich.

Herb Hendricks
Retired NASA Physicist
Hendricks DNA Project Group Administrator
Secretary Hendricks Family Association
1210 Long Meadow DR
Lynchburg, VA 24502
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> Herbert Hendricks wrote:

>I worked in the scientific community for over 44 years in the area of Physics and Electrical Engineering.
>The scientific reputation of anyone is measured by what he does and what he publishes and what this worth proves to be through the results achieved over time.
>No amount of advertisement by companies and company executive other wise will change this.
>Some people do not understand the real standard of scientific research; results that stand the test of time.
>Herb Hendricks
>Retired NASA Physicist
>Hendricks DNA Project Group Administrator
>Secretary Hendricks Family Association
>1210 Long Meadow DR
>Lynchburg, VA 24502
>434 832 7246
True, but then a big company can pay to have big name consultants on
their company profile while the little company cannot, yet the little
company may provide equal or better quality service ...

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