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Subject: Re: [DNA] Niall of the Nine Hostages and his 3 million descendants
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 15:18:55 -0700
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You age a population of chromosomes, not a single chromosome. And you age
the population with controversy.

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Subject: [DNA] Niall of the Nine Hostages and his 3 million descendants

There is a report of a study in Dublin that Niall has more than 3 million
descendents today. One in five male in northwest Ireland has the same Y

One of the paragraphs reads that scientists used special techniques to
age the Y chromosome, according to how many mutations had occurred in the
genetic material over time. The number of mutations was found to be in
accordance with chromosomes that would date back to the last known living
relative of Niall.
My question is, what special techniques to age the chromosome are they
talking about? How do you age a chromosome?

Regards, Robert Hughes

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