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From: "ernest hurst" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Re: DNA Testing Incentives?
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 05:33:52 -0500

I have been on eight different MyFamily sites, over the last four years, or
so. Three "died" when they started charging for renewals - there was
nothing of any great genealogical significance on any of the three.
Another, the one I've been on the longest, was very active, with lots of
good info for 1st couple years, was increased to 710MB size, but has pretty
much died in the last year and a half - averages a posting about every 3 to
4 weeks, of no real value. The one that is still very active is mostly a
"family chat" & pictures of grand children - nothing significant on
genealogy for a while. Others have very little in way of genealogy, after
initial "flurry" of postings.

DNA testing has been mentioned on all that still exist (courtesy of Bill,
on one), but I don't know that anyone has been recruited as a result (Bill
may correct me here). I definitely don't see MyFamily site as a good choice
for a DNA project - they're too difficult to find & get an "invite" to. I
can't remember any problem with passwords. I use same sign in & password
for all sites I belong to, checking them regularly but seldom posting.

Ernie Hurst

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> From: Roberta J. Estes <>
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> Date: 1/19/2006 1:21:19 AM
> Subject: RE: [DNA] Re: DNA Testing Incentives?
> The reason I hate them is that the passwords are always screwed up in some
> manner. You can't just join using your own user name and password. They
> send you a new one, which is another one to use and manage. If it
> doesn't work, which happens unexplainably to sites occasionally, they have
> to send you another reinvite which means you have yet another user name
> password to manage.
> On the Estes site, it was initially free, then they started to charge, so
> offered to pay for a year, until I discovered that you automatically grant
> them permission to charge to your card every year, and there is no other
> authorization to grant them. I stopped right there. So my dislike has
> nothing to do with the content, but the difficulty for users and the
> credit-card-hostage situation. On Yahoo, you use your own user id and
> have to maintain multiples, not that I'm in love with Yahoo either. It's
> just that my experiences with them have been much much better.
> I strongly wish I had started the surname group for one of my lines before
> someone else did, because all info is put on the MyFamily site. They
> even set up the ftdna free web page. I think this discourages many people
> who would otherwise participate, and if you don't know where the results
> on the Myfamily site (once you do manage to get in), you can't find them.
> I'm so frustrated at multiple levels.
> Roberta

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