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From: "Nelda Percival" <>
Subject: Re: Where to find the most STR markers (was Re: [DNA] M5UKQ/FTDNA
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 18:10:13 -0800
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I have included your entire message to me so things are not taken out of
context! My cousin Bill Hurst does not need defending ..He is great and can
defend himself when needed, which in this case really does not need
definding! No put down was meant to him or you.. but since I normally don't
read your messages since you so curtly wrote me off list about postings on
your private mailing lists at yahoogroups and I felt I had to leave those

I must say I appologise for seeming to take yours or his comments out of
context. I have no idea why you would need to defend yourself when all I did
was show what DNA-FP had to offer and agree with Doug that they were a full
service dna company. I'll make sure not to address anything else to you, but
I will make my comments on any subject I feel like. You don't run this list
and I will not be intimidated as you have already tried.

The website services at the others are nice, but I'd rather get the tests at
a good price then have the website services.


The quote Doug attributed to me was not made by me. And again, not to
have to defend Bill Hurst since he can do that very well himself, but
you are taking Bill Hurst's comment out of the overall context of the
thread he responded to, imo.


P.S. I have used DNA-FP and long before many on this List did.
I was one of the "bubble gum" boys, if you know what that affectionate
terms means. I use DNA-FP to this day. I have various marker tests in
process right now. I think DNA-FP is a fine company and Thomas Krahn is
a definite contributor to this field. So just because I said dittos to
Bill Hurst's comments about considering what a full service company
means from the perspective of running surname projects, meaning one that
provides surname project management tools in their website, does not
take anything away from DNA-FP's marker testing list of offerings.
Again, you are not addressing Bill Hurst's full comments, the context he
was responding to, and you are putting words into my mouth and
attributing words to me that I did not type and post to this List.

Nelda Percival wrote:
> Hi Doug and Charles,
> I just finished a chart showing who has what markers and Dougs right.
> DNAFP is full service..The costs are even very nice and they offer I
> believe the ability to add markers seperately to the panel tests they
> offer. In other words if your tested thier panel one, you can then add
> once a month new single markers at individual prices. Next I want to
> check with different companies to find out if they will extract (and the
> cost) dna samples that could be sent to another company for tests they
> do not offer such as the extended R1b subclade at EA, or the brand new
> 18 str markers EA has...
> DNAFP offers:
> DYS19
> DYS385
> DYS385a*(Kittler)
> DYS385b*(Kittler)
> DYS388
> DYS389-I
> DYS389-II
> DYS389-III
> DYS390
> DYS391
> DYS392
> DYS393
> DYS413
> DYS425
> DYS 426
> DYS434
> DYS435
> DYS436
> DYS437
> DYS438
> DYS439
> DYS441
> DYS442
> DYS443
> DYS444
> DYS445
> DYS446
> DYS447
> DYS448
> DYS449
> DYS454
> DYS456
> DYS458
> DYS459a,b
> DYS460
> DYS461
> DYS462
> DYS463
> DYS464
> DYS464x (this is the extended test)
> DYS570
> DYS576
> DYS607
> DYS643
> DYS724 OR CDY,a,b
> CDYb
> DYS726
> Y-GATA-A10
> DYF371X OR DYS425
> DYF385
> DFY399
> DFY401 OR DYS527
> Compartive shopping is always good!
> Nelda
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