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From: "Roy Keys" <>
Subject: British Isles DNA project
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 14:39:10 -0500
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Dear list,

Here is the text of a letter that I recently circulated to project
administrators at
FTDNA.. I am interested in setting up a new project on FamilyTreeDNA, and
would like to seek your advice and, possibly, collaboration. I have been in
discussion with FTDNA staff about the proposal, and some helpful comments
have been received from the project administrators. However, the project is
potentially very large, and might be difficult to manage. Any suggestions
from more experienced researchers would be most welcome.

Roy Keys (member of FTDNA Key, Donegal Bay and Enniskillen, IrelandHeritage,

In a nutshell, I propose using modern DNA to try to obtain a genetic map of
the British Isles in the 17th century. The umbrella project would therefore
embrace all of the Isles (including Northern Ireland), but could (indeed,
might have to) be subdivided into regional projects, most likely
county-based. The motivation for the project comes from the fact that a kind
of census of Britain in the 1600s is available in the form of the
Visitations. The distribution of families in Northern Ireland is recorded in
Hill's Plantation of Ulster, as well as the census of 1659. All 58 volumes
of the Visitations of the
different counties can now be purchased on CD-ROM in PDF format. The files
are, of course, searchable. I believe Hill's book and the census are also

A few regional projects have already been created at FTDNA. I would first
like to encourage the creation of projects for all the counties represented
in the Visitations, make the data on surnames in the counties available for
search, and recruit subjects from other surname/geographical projects on
FTDNA, as well as through Rootsweb mailing lists and message boards, and
local genealogical and family history societies. In theory, membership in
the project would be contingent upon establishing descent from one of the
families recorded in the primary sources. Other documentary
records may be added to the list in order to extend the baseline.

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