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From: charles <>
Subject: No Kerchner family Family/Private YSNP. DYS441 result obtained forme by DNA-FP.
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 22:19:39 -0500


Some background regarding the subject line. In 2004 I received a "no
result/failed" at DYS441 marker allele value from Sorenson Genomics.
Didn't concern me too much back then as I had a haplotype over 50
markers anyway.

But last year, with several reports of Null YSTR test results leading to
the discovery of family/private YSNPs in the flanking regions of the
affected markers for those male lines, I thought I would try to find out
if my DYS441 no result by Sorenson was such a case, i.e., caused by a
family/private SNP. Unfortunately, no other lab in 2004 or in the first
half of 2005 offered DYS441 commercially except the Sorenson
organizations. DNA-FP began offering specialized tests such as the
Kittler protocol for DYS385a,b, etc., and other new to the wider market
YSTR marker offerings. Thus about mid-2005 I asked Thomas Krahn at if he could test for YSTR marker DYS441. He said he
could but would need some time to design the primers and get the
required supplies, etc., which he would probably do as part of the next
round of supply orders, etc. I told him there was no rush and ordered
that marker.

Well tonight I got an email from Thomas Krahn. He was able to
successfully test my sample from prior testing by me at his lab and get
a value for DYS441 and he reported an allele of 13 for me at that
marker. Thus no more NULL and no family/private SNP for the Kerchner
family at YSTR DYS441.

But out of this bit of extra effort, I did get the results for an
additional marker. Along with the DYS441 I also received the results of
four more YSTR marker allele values bringing my total YSTR haplotype
size up to 63 via testing over the last five years at eleven different
labs/org. Of course it is a lot easier to get that many markers these
days than it was five years ago. :-)

By the way, I have the 18 marker panel of YSTR markers on order via EA
so in a few days I the YSTRs tested count will be a bit higher. So for
those reading who are in the YSTR markers tested count "race" with me,
I'm still in the race. :-) Here is the link to my Labmerge Project page
for the details.

Charles Kerchner

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