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Subject: Re: [DNA] Newsweek Article: In your Blood (DNA Testing)
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 11:02:25 -0500
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Thanks, I read the article -

In this instance a BGA told Mr. Joseph something quite different that
what his private and social mirrors had been affirming throughout his
life. His evident shock at the results clearly indicates the strength
of his theretofore unquestioned assumptions - one finds in a mirror
only that which one expects to see, is conditioned to see, chooses to

The Mirror Test is no "test" at all. All BGA's are real tests, whatever
their limitations.


On Jan 31, 2006, at 10:25 AM, Raymond Whritenour wrote:

> Mr. Goulde:
> We know exactly why Mr. Joseph took the DNAPrint 2.0 BGA test. He saw
> the same program about it on CBS which prompted me to take it; and
> knowing he was of mixed ancestry--being a Creole--he was simply curious
> to find out just how much Sub-Saharan African "blood" he had. His
> story
> is still on the internet if you care to read it. Look for "Black Like
> I
> Thought I Was" on your search engine.
> You seem to forget that the "mirror test" is only good for telling
> someone with a *small* minority ancestral component what his or her
> *majority* ancestry is. That is, it tells you *exactly* the same thing
> that the DNAPrint BGA tests do--but, for $200 less. For people with
> one
> or more *large* minority components, the mirror test will tell them
> that
> they're of mixed race. And, in Mr. Joseph's case, I believe the mirror
> would better tell him what that mixture is then this faulty BGA test.
> His story was on ABC's Nightline program. Many of us on this list will
> recall seeing him and his story and his family on that show.
> I believe he was invited to join this list, but never did.
> Ray Whritenour
> -------------------------------
> Thomas Goulde wrote:
> Mr. Whritenour,
> An equally important question is why Mr. Joseph consented to take any
> DNA test at all, insofar as he, evidently, consistently passed both
> mirror tests - the one on the wall and that of his community. Did he
> have doubt, a question, a need for greater self-definition? Did he find
> himself different from his community, isolated? Or was he a proud and
> successful community member keen for the ornaments of a genealogy?
> We will never know, but we might suppose.
> Whatever the inadequacies of current DNA tests, the mirror test is not
> sufficient.
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