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From: "Peter A. Kincaid" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] How many lowland/highland Scots are Scots R1b?
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 17:48:52 -0400
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I have been extracting Ysearch data for surnames with certain ties
to Refrewshire and Lanarkshire area of Scotland (the so Strathclyde
Britain area). There are not many hits so far for 25 plus markers.
However, of what I have to date there are much more YCA = 19, 23;
390/391= 24/11 (only six 24/10); and 389 = 13,29 (only 7 13/30). It
is still too early to draw any real conclusions as there are a number of key
surnames not yet covered. I used the approach of only extracting
those surnames that are based on a place name in that area as it would
favour those families in the over five hundred years ago. This is the
only way to get an indication of the original Strathclyde British in
the area. The problem is that there was a huge influx of Irish and
outside Scots due to the Industrial boom and this would skew
the results. A hard area just because of the growth of Glasgow.

Best wishes!


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Subject: [DNA] How many lowland/highland Scots are Scots R1b?

> The ratio of R1b to I1a and other haplogroups (and hence fraction being
> R1b) will differ depending on whether one samples highland Scots or
> lowland Scots. The same probably goes for the fraction of R1bs found to
> be of the Scot variety --- YCA = 19, 24; 390/391 = 24/10; 389 = 13,30. An
> unscientific look at the hits for the Scot variety suggests they may have
> had historical connection with the Lanarkshire or NW lowland area.
> Ken
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> Subject: Re: [DNA] How many Scots are Scots
>> John McEwan stated:
>>> 4) Approximately 21% of Scottish origin R1b is R1bSTR47Scots.<
>> So I guess in order to answer Andrew's question (without pounding on him
>> for
>> asking the question in such an awkward fashion), you have to know, "What
>> percentage of Scots-origin men who participated in the testing are R1b?",
>> in
>> order to subtract out the roughly 21% who are R1bSTR47. Is that kind of
>> information readily available?
>> Rob
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