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From: "William Hurst" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Parallel Mutations, was = Earliest common ancestors for 37/37 and 43/43 matches
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 10:55:04 -0500
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Charles wrote:
> As others have stated, parallel mutations do occur. I have a documented
> parallel mutation in my Kerchner Surname Project.

In our Hurst group E, we have a parallel or back mutation. The problem is I
don't know on which marker the parallel or back mutation occurred. Their
only markers with differences are:


E01 and E04 are singletons, but there are others matching E02 and E06. E02's
match is from a known brother from 200 years ago. The ancestors of E02 and
E03 lived a few miles apart in SW Virginia; I still think they might have
been brothers. E02's known ancestor lived one county away from where E01's
lived in Northern Virginia. E02 and E04 had ancestors who changed the name
from Hirst to Hurst. E06 is a Hirst who has no documentation back to

My guess has been that E01 represents the ancestral haplotype, with 459b
mutating from 10 to 9 for those in SW VA, but to 11 for those with no known
connection to VA. That would require a mutation of 390 from 23 to 24 for two
brothers (E02) and then back to 23 for the possible 3rd brother (E04). Or if
E04's ancestor was not a brother, the chain might have gone 23-10, 23-9,
24-9. Then E06 would have had a parallel mutation on 390 from 23 to 24.

If anyone has a better explanation, I would like to hear it. This makes my
head hurt! Fortunately, in my (and cousin Ernie's) group A, the ancestral
haplotype jumps off the page.

Bill Hurst

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