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Subject: Stevens/Stephenns/Stephen Surmanes overseas today
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 08:38:26 EST

Hi list folks,

We are exploring a DNA financial fund for Stevens/Stephens/Stephen at a
project that will gather overseas DNA of those surnames in the probable areas we
may come from like Scotland, Wales, Ireland and maybe England. We first need
to find the surname concentration areas for these surnames. Then we need to
figure out the best method to successfully be able to recruit these surnames
for testing of 25 markers.

We probably will be offering free testing of these surnames from a fund we
create in USA in our areas of probable/possible early origins overseas.

So can some of you offer any good suggestions as to how to locate needed
folks for testing as well as suggestions as to how to convince them to test. We
also would like to ask them if they would to share something of their family
history or would that be to much to ask as the main idea is to DNA test?

I hope you will help us and since this idea can be used for many others
here. Good comments on this idea/approach may be helpful to many here (I hope).

Ed Martin

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