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From: Philip Ritter <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Most populous Haplogroup
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 14:16:14 -0700
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I thought the most common haplogroup in Africa was E. Specifically E3a in
Sub-Saharan Africa and E3b in parts of Northern Africa. The three African
Americans who have tested with the Ritter and Baughman projects all have
been E3a.

At 02:05 PM 4/4/2006, you wrote:

>We know that A & B are the most common Haplogroups in Africa, R1b in
>western Europe, R1a in Eastern Europe and so on. What is the most common
>Haplogroup among Unitedstatians? How about among Americans? Brazil has
>about 180 million people, most of them black, the US has about 30 million,
>spread among the rest of the American nations there's got to be at least
>another 20 million. Most of the rest of America is composed of Native
>Americans, don't know the percentage but my guess would be around 50% of
>the population at least. So, it could be that the most common Haplogroup
>among Americans is Q followed by A or B, and then R (?)
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