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From: "Alfred A. Aburto Jr." <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] novice SMGF question
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2006 07:39:53 -0700
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> Diana Gale Matthiesen wrote:

>Man, you give me credit for a lot of power. I can't personally force them to
>give me the time of day. But it hadn't occurred to me before... Maybe if the
>SMGF database is shut down entirely, everyone in it will donate their data to
>other, more accessible online databases. Teach the bumbling bureaucrats a
>It amazes me that people resent sending their DNA to a commercial lab that makes
>no claim to ownship (and no requirement for a pedigree), one that provides them
>with fast service and a multitude of perks, but will eagerly turn around and
>give away their DNA and a lifetime of genealogical research to another lab that
>treats them like change from a nickle, then practically worship them for the
>privilege of having done so. DNA testing isn't *that* expensive.
But I think "free DNA testing" is the key that entices people to go the
SMGF route. They might not personally care that a marker mismatches by
two points. They can still derive a great deal of useful information
completely ignoring the exact mismatch for a marker ...

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