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Subject: Re: [DNA] McCall MtDNA
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 12:00:25 EDT

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> Hi Ann,
> Our McCall DNA Project is on FTDNA,y-search and our website. So far only
> women that have a continuous McCall family tree have tested, but how much
> would non McCall male husbands affect the daughters MtDNA?

I don't see a link to an FTDNA chart for your project, and I'm unable to read
the mtDNA chart on your website, with my monitor anyway. But just squinting,
it looks like there is some variety in the mtDNA haplotypes.

When you say "women with a continuous McCall family tree," I assume you mean
that the woman's father was a McCall, and so was her father's father, and her
father's father's father. That is the Y chromosome line, and it does follow
the surname in most cases. But the mtDNA line would be the mother's mother's
mother's mother's mother..., and typically the surname changes with every

There's a diagram at Family Tree DNA, which might be easier to follow than a
verbal description.

> Were Vikings R1b's. I have found only one MacAulay test on y-search and
> their family history suggests a Viking origin. In 1700's , McCalls thought
> they
> were MacAulays and adopted their Coat of Arms and Motto. Our DNA and MtDNA
> doesn't reflect Viking origins?
> Thanks Again,
> Ron McCall

Some Vikings were R1b. Viking is really an "occupation," I guess you could
say, and their Y chromosomes would be a sampling of whatever Y haplogroups were
present in the Scandinavian countries where they came from, primarily R1b,
R1a, and various subclades of I.

Ann Turner

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