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Subject: RE: [DNA] Come on, I1a Haplotypes
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 14:52:20 +1000
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Just another Celtic moan I suppose. But.

The Irish census for the 19th century were recycled (well destroyed) during
First World War in England though the rest of Britains weren't- some kind of
message there!

There's a lot of the English census on the web and cd and the Scottish
census is catching up.

In the US you seem to have census data back till 18th Century so it is easy
for old immigrants to find all their ancestors back to the first boatload.

For lot of Irish there is no paper trail at all until recently. Our family
local parish had the church and its records burned by the local terrorists
in 1918 (I think that's the date).

So for a lot of Irish and Scots , R1b and its clades may offer some solace
in this rootless world.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] Come on, I1a Haplotypes

Lighten up!

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Come on, I1a Haplotypes

> Ken,
> I can really only speak for myself. However, what I have to say in
> response to your statement below, I believe to be true for the majority of

> those whom have tested as one of the Hg I subclades. I am disappointed
> that you would make such a statement. Your research has benefited
> immenselfy from the support of the many I1a's who have tested and added
> their results to the various public databases you've drawn your data from.

> We are no more or less interested in our hobby than any other haplogroup.
> You seem to forget that the hobby for most of us is genealogy not the
> population genetics that you pursue.
> You know full well that any who is R1b has no choice but go to the expense

> of extended haplotype testing if they want to use genetics to further
> their genealogy research. The R1b's I have in my two projects have
> dozen's of unrelated matches even at 25-markers. For them the potential
> benefits to their genealogical research is worth the costs.
> I am I1a and tested to 37-markers. I have (17) 12-marker matches in the
> FTDNA database and (7) in Ysearch (all from FTDNA). No one comes even
> close to a match at 25-markers, never mind 37. A search of Ybase, SMGF,
> RG turns up similiar results. My brother-in-law, whom I've also paid to
> have tested to 12-markers, is also I1a and has but (3) matches in the
> FTDNA database. I can quote similiar statistics for the seven I1a's I
> have in the East Anglia Project. There is absolutely no immediate value
> to myself or them to upgrade until someone comes along who may be related.

> Your call will therefore largely fall on deaf ears.
> Unless and until you or other Academics can put I1a-AS or any of your
> other modal haplotypes in clearer genealogical terms, you will have little

> success persuading us to spend even more money on further testing, that
> will only give us a new label. I match your I1a-AS4 modal haplotype,
> which you find concentrated in Germany and Denmark. However, when I look
> at Ysearch and YHRD I see my deep ancestry as Norse Vikings that arrived
> in the Scottish Lowlands from southern Sweden before making their way to
> London at some point. Or, perhaps they were Angles or Danes following a
> similiar route. That much I can tell with a 12-marker haplotype.
> Extending it to 37 or beyond has added nothing. I am very sorry but I
> cannot afford to fund your research otherwise. Don't get me wrong, as I
> would if I could as to do see the potential long-term benefits of your
> research.
> David Weston.
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> THURLOW One Name Study (GOONS No. 3248)
> East Anglia Geographic DNA Project
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> Subject: [DNA] Come on, I1a Haplotypes
>>products. Maybe the R1b Scots and Irish just have intrinsically more
>>interest in this whole hobby?
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