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From: "John McEwan" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] DNA Project Conscription
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 23:18:59 +1200
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Dear List

Mark said
Does the valuable data mining by Nordtvedt or
McEwan create a legal or ethical breach? I don't think so.

Ken said
For what it is worth, I would never consider extracting and publishing
individual haplotypes of anyone, including my cousins, without their
permission. I think it is an ethical rather than legal issue. .... I
don't think one should move their information into a place of increased
exposure and ease of access without their OK.

For what it is worth, you should note I do not publish haplotypes I only
give pointers to Ysearch/Ybase where the information resides. There are
several reasons for this, but one is not to create an independent copy
of the information. I do arrange individuals based on their SNP data,
but this in no way has the alternative uses STRs have (aka privacy
invasion). Regards SNPs the vast bulk of entries e-mail me with their
information, and I make it clear that they can be removed at any time by
their request.

We all realise that information released onto the internet cannot be
retracted, however, I do not want to add to the problem. Like Ken I feel
ethics still have a place in this world.


John McEwan

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