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Subject: Re: R1b page updated
Date: Sat, 6 May 2006 13:13:19 EDT

Hi John,

Can you refer me to a website that will explain the spreadsheet better? My
paternal line, Hopkins, has the Ysearch ID of KGARK.

Also, I'm confused as to why the marker values, 385a,b were not noted.

Thanks for all your work. I hope some day to understand at least some of it

Nora Hopkins FitzGerald

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Dear List

The R1b page has been updated and available at and

Key points
* We now have 21 M222 results and 6 M222+ individuals. All M222
positive individuals have haplotypes consistent with R1bSTR19Irish aka
North West Irish cluster.
* We now have at least one M222- tested individual within each of
S21, S28 and SRY2627 subclades
* Z84BR (Mitchell) has been discussed many times on this list. He
now has had all his STRs completely regenotyped and is a very solid
member of the Scots cluster.
* 9 entries have been updated.


John McEwan

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