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From: "Alexander Inglis" <>
Subject: DNA for Genealogist 101: The Payoff
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 01:24:23 -0400
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I've been mulling over the data I've gathered from a variety of websites
and online discussions on the value of DNA testing for the genealogist.

Either online, or privately, would someone hold my hand for a bit and walk
me through what the payoffs are?

My family tree goes back about 8 generations to a Rev Samuel Schwerdtfeger
(1734-1798) who came from Germany at about age 19, alone, and started a
family in PA and NY before everyone moved to ON (Williamsburg, St Lawrence
Valley area) around 1790. The next generation slowly moved out -- some
staying in ON, others moving to NY, CT and later MN, NE, UT, WA, CA and
many other places during the 1800s. I have a reasonably detailed picture
of these movements through documentation nearly 2000 persons deep -- all
directly related to the male line.

It would be very cool to be able to "confirm" the historic record by
testing a number of living Swerdfegers believed to be on one of the major
lines (for the sake of argument, about 6 main male links to the Rev).

But what level of testing would show this? 25 markers? 37? 59?

The second part is the link back to German Schwerdtfegers which gets
extremely murky very quickly. That is to say: many stayed in Germany
and would have been uncles and grandparents to Rev Samuel. But there
was also a wave of German immigration to the US starting around 1840
and some of this clearly is demonstrated in ship's records and censuses.
But how do THESE Schwerdtfegers fit with MY Rev Samuel?

If I embark on a DNA project, what potentially can I uncover and "prove"?

Alexander (Swerdfeger) Inglis
In Toronto

Alexander Inglis (adopted, b. 1955, Weyburn, SK),
birth son of Gordon Arthur Barclay (b. 1931, SK; family name changed from Swerdfeger in 1930),
son of Arnold Miles (Mar 7 1896-25 Nov 1972) b. Winchester, ON,
son of Arthur (23 Aug 1872-23 Dec 1963) b. Winchester, ON,
son of Samuel (5 Nov 1840-5 Jul 1911) b. Winchester, ON,
son of Michael (1802-1859) b. Williamsburg, ON,
son of Johann Frederich (10 Jan 1765-1 Apr 1849) b. Fredrick, MD,
son of Rev John W. Samuel Schwerdtfeger (4 Jun 1734-Oct 1798) b.Burgbernheim, Bavaria, Germany

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