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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Hg "Q" Henson Hanson
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 11:27:36 -0600
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This thread seems to convey two opposite messages? Gareth indicates there
are no STRs which are distinctive for Q; yet 412 Q haplotypes have been
collected and some even from SMGF. How is the latter done unless you have
confirmed SNP test results for them? I looked for a Q haplogroup project at
FTDNA but did not find one. Also, I did not see one at "world families dna

Is there a distinctive modal structure of Q haplotypes? European or Central

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Subject: [DNA] Hg "Q" Henson Hanson

> Gareth "I don't think anyone has yet identified a STR which shows a
> distinctive value for Q or a subgroup of Q"
> No marker has been found that is definitive for "Q". My 59 marker results
> will be back soon, but with the small amount of "Q" in the database I
> don't expect to learn much. I have had all of the commercial SNP tests
> done. Still in Q*, no defining SNP for any European varieties. I would not
> have your men spend money on any of the current SNP tests. (Extending to
> 59 markers ?)
> I compared your Henson / Hanson haplotype to my collection of 412 "Q"
> haplotypes. It is a 12-12 match to the men listed below.
> Marsh______England b.1834__________________Ysearch
> Paine_______England Norfolk Great Ellingham 1600_Payne_____M242+ P36+ M3-
> Bassett______England Leicester________________Bassett
> Pilgrim______US Mississippi 1857______________SMGF
> Vickery_____No Location____________________Ysearch
> (patronymic)_Denmark 1700___________________SMGF
> No Name___Sweden Blekinge_________________YHRD
> No matches with any Central Asians or Native Americans.
> (The Paine listed above is 20 transmission events from me, we are each 10
> generations from our MRCA 1600) we match 24-25, (differ on 385b) (he is
> 21, I am 20)
> RPaine
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