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From: (John Chandler)
Subject: Re: [DNA] Bloody Foreigners: The History Of Immigration To Britain
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 21:20:35 -0400 (EDT)
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Rebekah wrote:
> The Wrentham in Blything Harth Tax Returns of 1674 don't show anything
> like a Bigelow. They must have all moved to the Colonies or something.:->

The probable brother of the emigrant John Bigelow died in 1656,
leaving a will that mentioned his brother John Beasly [sic] in New
England and no other male-line relations. The testator's name was
Francis Beagely [sic], also a blacksmith. (See NEHGR 63/363.) The
identification of John the emigrant rests on an affidavit by a
clergyman who had known him before emigration. Note: the reports
of his baptism at Wrentham give the name as Baguley. I'd say that
any name you find in Wrentham containing B-g-l plus vowels of any
kind would be a candidate for DNA comparison.

John Chandler

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