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From: Clyde Rice <>
Subject: RE: Begelys was Re: [DNA] Bloody Foreigners: The History Of Immigration To Britain
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 21:49:20 -0700 (PDT)
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Glen Todd <> wrote:
BTW, though, you don't know what you're missing. I read it for the first
time at age 12 because it's a heck of an exciting traditional adventure
saga, and I've re-read it regularly since because his knowledge of the
culture, history, and lore were truly phenomenal.

for anybody who really identifies with the people as people,
it's an entire additional insight into actually who the people are that the
numbers represent. (My father had the same kind of 'just the facts'
'serious scientist' approach to life, and I think that he missed a lot
because of it.

Well, I am certainly no scientist! Barely made it out of high school! But I did pull myself up, many, many years ago to get the title, engineer, bestowed on me, non degreed that is. I prefer to call it "uneducated engineer", though!

And I have glanced at excerpts of both the book and movie, and find it just as boring as Star Drag leaves me anymore. (I once was just a touch of a Trekkie)

And I don't think I have had "people" problems down through my life, except of course for some "special" few! (And they were "special", just thank God, few!)

I am just not into the manufactured myths type people history. The historical myths are just fine, and interesting, just don't combine a bunch of total modern manufactured junk with the real history. Even the Scots/Irish legends/historys turn me off. The delete key then becomes the most important key on the board!


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