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Subject: RE: [DNA] Tragedy of Immense Proportions! :p
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 11:07:09 -0400

Very nice. God Bless you. Wes

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Subject: RE: [DNA] Tragedy of Immense Proportions! :p

Uh, on a scale of 1-10 for tragedies, I'd say this is about a 2. On a scale of
embarrassment, about a 5.

It's not unusual to have no matches. I understand about 40% of test subjects
have no match out of the gate. Of the 22 members in my project, 15 have unique
haplotypes (i.e., no matches). There's no telling how long your adoptee will
have to wait for a match. He could get one tomorrow, or he might not get one
for years. Unfortunately, *that* is what you should have told him.

But the bottom line is that it was a thoughtful gift, and some day it *will* pay
off. On a scale of 1-10 for thoughtfulness, I'd call it a 10! :-)


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> Subject: [DNA] Tragedy of Immense Proportions! :p
> Back in March, I posted a query about my friend who's
> a second generation adoptee and as a results, I bought
> a 37 marker FTDNA test for him for his birthday. I
> got him as part of the FTDNA Adoptee group.
> The results have just come back....and he has NO
> MATCHES! Not even at the 12 marker level! He has
> come back as a plain vanilla Rlb1 Haplogroup. Is this
> b/c he's only trying to be matched within the Adoptee
> group?
> I had been enthusiastically touting this as so very
> cool (I had came back with several dozen Allen
> matches) and he's going to give me grief forever about
> this.
> He's on a diving trip in Belize (without me! but
> that's another story) I'm about to go put his markers
> at But isn't it baffling to have NO
> MATCHES....even at the 12 marker level? or is this
> b/c he was assigned to the Adoptee group?
> I have until Wednesday afternoon to scramble and show
> him that my magnificent b-day present was really
> magnificent.
> Any input would be much appreciated! ack!
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