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Subject: Re: [DNA] RE: Sloan's Thesis as to the Origin of English People
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 16:58:20 +0100


my reply to you was a follow on to a reply to Sam's original post which
seems to have got lost. What I sent is below - I will reply to your latest
mail soon.



according to studies by Qamar et al in 2002 and Sengupta et al in 2006, the
Kalash are a mixture of Y haplogroups -
G2 approx. 18%
H1 approx. 20%
J2 9%
L3 25%
R* 9%
R1a 18%
(Data from Qamar but reclassifying the original haplogroups into current
terminology using Sengupta).

The most common haplogroups in NW Europe - R1b and I - were not found.
Neither were groups such as R2 and L1 which are common in India. Some of the
groups (G2, J2, possibly L3) found amongst the Kalash are also found in the
middle east and southern Europe.
Conclusion - they could be a mixture of indigenous peoples and incomers from
further west.

I don't know whether mtDNA data is similarly mixed. Autosomal testing is now
available but results can be ambiguous and difficult to interpret.

You can't draw conclusions about a whole population from testing just 2 men
and 2 women.
If your friends are interested in their own paternal/maternal ancestry as
revealed by DNA and/or would like to add probably distinctive haplotypes to
the databases, encourage them to test.

If either of the men turn out to be haplogroup L they will be very welcome
in the Y-Haplogroup L project.


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