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From: "William Hurst" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] More mtDNA questions
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2006 19:43:47 -0400
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Sharon wrote:
>I have been approached by at least two individuals whose mtDNA haplogroup
>is J*. They want to participate in the new J* mtDNA project but both are
>adoptees who really have no information about their maternal lines.
>I need some recommendations on how to handle their entries on a website.
>BTW: I announced this project a week ago tomorrow and as of last count I
>have nearly 80 participants.

First, congratulations on gatherine so many members in so few time.

If these two adoptees were in K, I would have no problem whatsoever, since I
don't require, collect, or do anything with pedigrees. I have had
discussions with the U5 administrator on this subject. She puts the
pedigrees on the project website - on World Families - and has made one or
two connections. I use the FTDNA-supplied website where new members' results
are available instantly, instead of me having to input the data. I've told
our project members that if they have exact matches, they should contact
them and see if they can find a connection. I don't consider that my job.
Instead, I've have analyzed the results and produced several reports as
anyone here is well aware. That type of information might be very useful to

Bill Hurst

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