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Subject: Re: [DNA] Family reunion tests
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 18:29:43 +0000

I carry kits with me on every genealogy expedition, to all reunions, and generally have one stowed in my briefcase even on business trips. I have collected DNA specimens at reunions and on genealogy trips, in houses, in librarys, and even in a hotel from the clerk once.

About family reunions. The same rules go that I use as a surname admin. I encourage close family relatives not to test, for obvious reasons, both money and the possible NPE. I only encourage those to test who are "up the tree" a ways, "unsure of the tree" in general, or who otherwise represent a line we are interested in. For example, in one of my projects, I'm speaking at the family convention in August, and we have 4 gentlemen who supposedly descend from the same ancestor. However, we have 3 markedly different DNA results. So, I'm fairly desperate for anyone from those lines who hasn't tested to do so - given the proper discretionary proximity from those who have already tested:)

I don't see why, within reason, you'd forego this avenue for participation. Maybe it's the "within reason" part we are struggling with here.

Roberta Estes

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> Someone has brought up the idea of having DNA test kits at a family reunion.
> Has anyone had any experience with this. I doubt we could get kits without
> paying for them before hand. My thought was just to have information available
> about the who, what, where and why and maybe some hard copies of order forms.
> I'ld love to hear from anyone who has been there--- done that. What worked --
> what didn't. Reunion is in August. Take care. Marilyn
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