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From: "John Ozment" <>
Subject: S25+ (not null) within S21+; DYS441/446; J2/S51+; Roanoke
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 09:10:57 -0700


All three (Hunt,Tagart, and Marsh) have the result with S25+ are in SMGF
website we all show a failure on DYS463. I later got a result for DYS463
from DNA-F...I believe we are all S21- who have the S25+. --A. Hunt

SPOILERS (new result sent to John McEwan for posting) --
S25+ (not null DYS463) within S21+ (R1b1c9*) --

Im S21+ and S25+ (S25 results received yesterday from EA) and have DYS463 =
22 (RG) / 24 (DNA-FP) [i.e., not null].

S26-; S28-; S29-; M222-; P66 results upcoming (per Dr. Wilson).


R1b1c9* --


Any significance?

Now, I cant find the recent reference
to this couplet -- something like 2 at 14 was ___
and 2 at 13 was AMH.


...people who are J2 are not S51+...It...could be a tribal
marker...(all Ashkenazi) and all were M490 negative and S51 positive --D.

Is the CMH in J2, or is it still being worked out as regards J1?


Roanoke: The Lost Colony. In 1587, over 100 settlers landed in the New
World to establish England's first permanent colony... amazingly, it
suggests that one of the 1587 lost colonists may have survived. -- R.L.

2 points --
(1) A former coworker told me her Kentucky Pendergast (or was it
Pendergrass) family was known to descend from the Lost Roanoke Colony.
(2) The mixed Amerindian tribe of Robeson Co., NC, is believed to descend
from an early admixture of Roanoke Colonists and natives.
(a) many surnames match
(b) Elizabethan English was still spoken by the tribe in the 1800s


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