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From: ahunt <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] European R1a and India
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 09:20:17 -0700
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While I am R1b my first result came back Satnami Caste. I recently
upgrades and the Satnami Caste moved down the list.

Allen Hunt

James A. Honeychuck wrote:

> Have any of you Y-DNA R1a folks gotten matches with South Asian
> Indians on your autosomal DNA?
> I checked the DNA Tribes Results Log, and there's no mention of it.
> I'm asking about non-Roma/Gypsy cases, by the way. The case I'm
> looking at (mine) does not match anything Roma on the European or
> Indian sides.
> I've had an upgraded atDNA analysis from DNA Tribes, and the matches
> (actually called a "Match Likelihood Index") with European groups all
> make sense. Yet ahead of them I have seven even stronger matches with
> various groups in India. They are not in any social or geographical
> cluster in India. My family has no connection with India.
> The company says the matches are valid but could be ancient. I'm
> trying to figure out what group the common ancestor belonged to, 6,000
> or even 50,000 years ago.
> Jim
> Y-DNA J1, Eastern Europe

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