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From: charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] 67-marker reduction?
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 13:44:12 -0400
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For my projects some individuals have the first panel pending and some
individuals have the second panel pending.

1st panel: "Y-Refine37to67(Y-DNA38-47 Markers)"


2nd panel: "Y-Refine37to67(Y-DNA48-60 Markers)"

I know in my case my personal kit number in the pending tab section has
"Y-Refine37to67(Y-DNA48-60 Markers)" and I know from prior
communications with FTDNA that the second panel is the holdup with my
own personal upgrade order.

The delays may be associated with one panel more so than the others. For
example, I don't see any notation such as "Y-Refine37to67(Y-DNA61-67
Markers)" in my project. Thus maybe most of the delays are associated
with the first two panels of the 30 marker upgrade to 67 markers.

I have offered my help and interpretation of what those notations mean.
I would suggest that if one needs further clarification and information
on pending test results to call FamilyTreeDNA directly. Their phone
number is at the bottom of their home page:

Best I can do to explain the notation.

Charles Kerchner

Pat Oliver wrote:
> When I looked at two projects just now, all upgrades, whether due out 8
> May, 8 Aug or anytime in between have the same notation. I suspect a
> programming error as it would seem unlikely that all upgrades have the
> same state of progress.

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