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Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 18:08:37 -0400
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Anne wrote:

> Exactly! And so might this study have the same or similar problems.
> Anne

Why should that necessarily be the case? Haven't there been strides in y-dna
research since earlier studies assumed every R1b in Britain was the
descendant of the indigenous Brythonic population?

It makes sense, after all, if the prevalent y-haplogroup in much of the old
Germanic homeland is R1b, and R1b is at least very well represented in the
rest of it, that most of the Germanic tribesmen were R1b.

If it truly is impossible to tell the difference between Brythonic R1b and
continental Germanic R1b, then maybe this issue will never be resolved. Then
we will have to rely on such clues as the fact that, except for some place
and river names, Celtic left the English language unaffected. If a
significant Brythonic-speaking substrate had remained in Anglo-Saxon
England, would that be the case?

I would like to read the actual study in question. That would certainly


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