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From: George van der Merwede <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] NY Times article on genetics of tameness in animals
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 12:52:52 -0600
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There is absolutely NO reason for poodles! :-P

John Cartmell wrote:
> On 25 Jul, Diana <> wrote:
>> Domestication doesn't result in "smaller" skulls, it results in *shorter*
>> skulls -- because the tooth row is shortened. Domestic animals, speaking
>> here of dogs, tend to get domed skulls (a rounder calvarium) and a shorter
>> muzzle, presumably because the selective pressure for having to kill their
>> food is relaxed. There is also selective breeding pressure deliberately
>> placed on them by humans. Humans find round heads (like babies heads) more
>> pleasing, so we've created dog varieties with very short muzzles and domed
>> heads. If you could see the nasal passages and dental deformations of dogs
>> with flat faces, like bulldogs and pekinese, you would want to pass laws
>> banning the creation of such hideous malformations. Now, a wild coyote's
>> skull is a true thing of beauty. Long, sleek with a gorgeous set of
>> well-spaced teeth on a muzzle that is twice the length of the calvarium.
> So the reason for poodles? ;-)

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