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From: "John Megonnigil" <>
Subject: GATAc4 and DYS635
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 15:42:18 -0700
References: <BAY111-F1910C3EC2BD7ED82A4E6BBF15D0@phx.gbl>

Hello Thomas

Maybe you can clarify for me. Your comparison chart shows these two markers
as the same. As you can see FTDNA
understands it differently? I just didn't think that they should both be in
Ysearch if they are the same. Also do you know
which of EA's STR18 markers are compatible to NIST and ISFG. I still have
not heard back from EA on the question. and
I don't want to enter any values that are going to be in conflict. Thanks.
Hi John,

I'm responding to your email on Eileen's behalf. As we understand it GATA-C4
and DYS635 are different markers (neither tested through FTDNA). As far as
the EA results go, you might want to be in touch with them for advice on
posting the results. They might be able to tell you if it was specific
markers that had to be re-calibrated, or if results that were affected by
the re-calibrations were subsequently corrected, etc.

Hello Eileen

In putting in my extra markers into Ysearch I noticed that there is a spot
for GATA-C4 and DYS635. I thought they were the same thing?? Also there
are 11 places for markers that were only offered by EA. I have them but
hesitate to enter them due to the past calibration problems. Any

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