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From: "Ian & Mary Logan" <>
Subject: [DNA] Two more mtDNA sequences from FTDNA
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 07:11:56 +0100


Here are 2 more sequences that have appeared on GenBank/NCBI.
It is good to be seeing another HV sequence.

FTDNA DQ856316 Haplogroup HV1
T152C A263G 309.C 309.C 315.C A750G A1438G A2706G A3547G A4769G
G6023A C7028T A8014T A8860G T12696C A15218G A15326G C16067T
A16183. T16189C 16193.C T16519C

FTDNA DQ856317 Haplogroup U6a
A73G C150T T152C A263G 315.C A750G T794A T1193C A1438G A1692T
A2706G A3348G A4769G A5120G G5471A C7028T G7805A T8473C A8860G
A11467G G11719A A12308G G12372A A14179G C14766T G15043A A15326G
T15530C C15632T T16172C A16219G C16278T


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