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From: "Diana" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] research strategy for genealogists
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 09:43:36 -0400
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I hope we helped. I think the hardest thing is the patience needed. I got a
match within weeks on my STRAUB line. :-) It took four years on my ROSE
line... :-( And, of course, the reason for my greater success with STRAUB is
that I've subsidized the testing of STRAUBs into the four figures... :-o Was
it worth it? You bet your <bleep>!

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> Subject: RE: [DNA] research strategy for genealogists
> Diana,Ann,John, Vince,
> Thanks for the discussions , I now have a much better
> understanding of the subject. I will put the matches I found
> on the back burner and we shall have to wait . I do very much
> suspect an unknown event somewhere in the line of the
> gentleman I am assisting, but at what point I don't have a
> clue. Maybe in the 1700s. In any event I will pencil in 1200s
> ,1300s for a possible MRCA. I have urged the gentleman to
> somehow get a surname project going and enlist likely
> candidates by posting to as many sites as possible. Now if I
> could find another R1a1 Jenkins in Kent , England to test it
> would make my day. The closest match I have to date is 26/27
> and that is a differnt surname. Seems so unlikely with such a
> common British Isles name.
> Dan Jenkins

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