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Subject: 67 Marker results for haplogroup K2
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 19:18:13 +0100

The K2 Project has just received its first set of results for FTDNA markers
The Project page is

It is impossible to draw clear conclusions from just one set of results but
since most of the new markers appear to be quite stable, particularly within
haplogroups and subgroups, it would be surprising if the haplotype for one
K2 individual was way off the modal for the haplogroup.

Markers to note are
DYF395S1 17-17 - results for K2, L, Q and R1a all have 16-17 or 17-17
contrasting with modal 15-16 for R1b.
This suggests that the K founder may have had 16-17 or 17-17 and that this
has been fairly stable in many descendant haplogroups. It would be
interesting to know when in the history of R1b the ancestral value changed.
DYS413 20-20 - the lowest values I have seen outside the J2a1 (17-17)
DYF534 18 - at the upper end of the range for this marker
DYF481 27 - also "high" for this very variable marker.

I have started experimenting with FTDNA's subgrouping facility based on
patterns I have noticed in entries in ysearch and SGMF. I have called the
groups "alpha" "beta" and "gamma" to avoid any premature geographical/ethnic
associations (I can't yet see any geographical significance, possibly
because most of the results are coming from regions outside the presumed
West Asian homeland of the haplogroup).
As with most haplogroup projects (with one well-discussed exception) all the
data will be available on the public page as soon as it is posted by FTDNA
or a new member joins the project. Comments and queries are invited as to
the significance of any emerging patterns.


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