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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] an unusual(?) Danish I1a
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 07:40:41 -0600
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Diana, You forgot to mention the 438 = 11 which is the rarest mutation.

But I did find you a relative for Jensen in Denmark --- Envoldsen in SMGF.
He shares the 11,15,11 at 391, 393, 438 which are the rare mutations. And
Envoldsen also has the 13,15 at 385 (like me) which is off the beaten path
as well.

As some of us try to say often, especially Ann Turner, as soon as you have
a couple rare mutations, the odds are you will not have matches, and even if
you put in too many markers the odds of not having matches grows large,
given the size of our databases. It is simple math; only right around the
modal is the probability decent that just about every combination of
mutations from the modal among the fast markers will show an example in the
databases as they exist now.

I found another Dane and German sharing some of Jensen's rare mutations. So
I don't view Jensen as a real I1a maverick, just off the mainstream.


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Subject: [DNA] an unusual(?) Danish I1a

> Ken,
> Just got back the remaining markers (26-37) for an I1a JENSEN in the
> Danish
> Demes project. He is DYS455=8, yet the additional markers only appear (to
> me)
> to set him further apart from any described modal I1a haplotype. His
> earlier
> handful of 12/12 and 25/25 matches (in another surname) dropped off the
> radar at
> 37 markers. At 37 markers, his nearest match at Ysearch has a genetic
> distance
> of 9. He is #N28924 on this page (Ysearch UserID TKPNR):
> Any thoughts?
> Diana
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