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Subject: RE: [DNA] FTDNA 38-67 markers; Was: Why No Ysearch Updating?
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 10:09:46 -0700 (PDT)
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At the group rate, the conversion kit plus the 38-67 marker upgrade is the same cost as buying the 1-67 marker test. That is not a savings -- and the conversion kit only gets you 5 new markers not included in RG's 43 markers. It is hard to convince project members (over 100 members) to test the FTDNA markers when the cost is the same as basically starting all over. I do realize that FTDNA's costs do need to include the cost of DNA extraction, but it would be nice to be able order a package that had the 5 markers not included in RG's offering plus the 38-67 markers at a cheaper cost than ordering all 67 markers.

Rebecca Christensen

Diana <> wrote:
FTDNA does have "conversion" kits for those tested elsewhere. First you order the conversion kit to bring you up to 37 markers, then you order the 38-67 marker upgrade. Total cost is $70 less than ordering the full 1-67 marker test.

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> Subject: [DNA] FTDNA 38-67 markers; Was: Why No Ysearch Updating?
> I think FTDNA is missing out on a lot of potential customers
> by not creating a package of their new markers (including a
> few in the 37 markers) for those who have tested elsewhere
> such as at RG. It is hard to justify the cost of ordering
> all 67 markers if you already have the results for about half
> of them because you are part of a project elsewhere.
> Rebecca Christensen
> Chris wrote:
> This is a good question.
> I too would have liked my 38-67 marker test. I administer a
> surname study with FTDNA but my own Y-DNA markers are 43 with RG + 5 marker > upgrade with > DNA Fingerprint. The latter to enable comparison with FTDNA's > 37 markers.

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