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From: "Jackson Montgomery-Devoni" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Indo-European Y-DNA
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 11:48:43 -0400
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Alright J2 is associated with Semitic languages is the Near East today and
in ancient times, but how do you know what language the first Neolithic
farmers spoke? It could have easily been an Indo-European or other language
and a group of them may have spread north to the Black sea area, mixed with
the R1a1 peoples up there and then formed the Kurgan culture. The ones back
in the Near East may have then been swamped by speakers of other languages
and then lost all trace of the original language.

I do not think that the original people of Turkey spoke a Semitic language
before Turkish got there.

Check out this site also:

Y-DNA J2a1*

>No need for me to check that, Jackson. I have Renfrew's book, Archaeology
>and Language, on my shelf and have already read it a couple of times. There
>are a number of reasons why his Anatolian hypothesis is wrong. For one
>thing, there were too many non-Indo-European languages current in Neolithic
>Anatolia for it to have been the homeland of Indo-European. Those languages
>would have left their impress on Proto-Indo-European before its spread and
>that impress would be traceable throughout the IE world today. They did not
>and it is not. That is compelling evidence against making Anatolia the
>original homeland of the Indo-Europeans.
>The fact that many modern J2s speak Indo-European and Turkic languages is
>easily accounted for historically. J2 is still predominantly associated
>with Semitic languages, especially in its ancient and original homeland.
>Many E3as today speak Indo-European languages. Should we disregard that
>y-haplogroup's association with the Bantu family and develop still another
>Indo-European homeland hypothesis?
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