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From: "James A. Honeychuck" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Y-DNA J2 frequency and lack of J1 diversity
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 23:47:46 +0100

Bonnie wrote in part:

>> The data that I have accumulated so far over the last year or two
with the observation here that the microsatellite variance of J2 is much
higher than that of J1. Others have noticed this, and the theory that
J2 expanded first and thus has had more time to accumulate haplotype
variation seems the best explanation.

In support of that idea is my own little research. For practical
purposes, J1 has no sub-clades. I have been collecting what I can find
on what I guess is the closest practical thing to a J1 sub-clade, which
is J1 with DYS388=13. The only cases I have found are these 12 or so:

Cases 140, 141, 142, and 163 in the Cinnioglu paper on Anatolia

Georgia, unspecified number of cases, Semino unpublished data cited by

Giordano of Sicily, FTDNA J group

Lewis of Texas, FTDNA J group

Potzler of Bavaria

2 Palestinians, Nebel 2001

Humphrey-Davenport of England and later Barbados

and myself, Slovak/Polish descent, probably from some Caucasian group
via "Polish Tatars"

In addition are 3 cases listed only as J:

Rakowicz of Poland, FTDNA Polish group
Trzeczinski of Poland, FTDNA Polish group
Ayden of Elazig Turkey

YHRD has a few DYS388=13 cases from the Caucasus and elsewhere, but no
haplogroups assigned, so I'll skip them.

So this is no comparison with the variety in J2


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