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From: "William Hurst" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] New mtDNA Fluxus diagram from K Project
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 08:47:20 -0400
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Good morning Ann and all,
>Both 146C and 152C are considered "hotspots," so they're especially prone
>showing up in multiple branches of network diagrams. I think 152C is
>especially notorious -- it's in several different H subclades, for example:
>Side note: every time I try to load the above URL, it immediately flips
>to hclade2.html, which I think is an older page.
>Ann Turner

There's another common HVR2 mutation in K, 195C, which appears only once in
the 36 sequences on the chart. 497T and 146C are the two oldest and most
common mutations in K, after the basic six. Sometimes they occur together,
but you don't see both of those and 152C. You also don't find 512C or 498-
without both 146C and 152C, which means these are not subject to back
mutations. At least in K, they have cooled off. A future project for me will
be to list all these little rules in one place. Then maybe somebody can
figure out if they apply in other haplogroups.

I've notice that "flipping" in the H chart URL, but never tried to figure
out what was going on. Maybe you should report it to Max.

Bill Hurst

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